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Guest Appearance on the G220 Podcast

A few days ago I was checking my messages at camp after a long day of work, and I found a text from Ricky Gantz, of the G220 Radio podcast. It seems Mr. Gantz had chanced upon the Missionary Max books in a thrift store, and they had piqued his curiosity. He asked me to come on the podcast, and of course I was happy to oblige.

You may have already seen this on Facebook or Twitter, but if by chance you have not, here is the full episode, where talk about missions, Brazil, and of course, Missionary Max.

A big thank you to Ricky and Mike for giving me this opportunity. In fact, this was such a great experience, that I would love to repeat it. Any podcasters out there looking to fill up their guest list…have your people call my people!

Also, be sure to “like” and subscribe to the G220 channel, they have lots of good content online, and more comes out weekly.


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