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Ministry Update: Spotlight on Itacyara

Over the years I have told anybody who would listen that my wife, Itacyara, is an essential part of what we do here in Brazil. Actually, that phrase – “an essential part” – doesn’t adequately express what I mean. She is the glue that holds everything together, the key to any success we may have, the main attraction, the whole enchilada.

With that in mind, I thought I’d use today’s post to highlight the manifold ways Itacyara (aka “The Brazilian Bombshell) makes this ministry what it is.

Children’s Ministries

Itacyara has a natural way with children, and they consistently return her affection. She is much in demand for Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools, and other ministries to kids.

Itacyara puts her artistic talents to work in preparation for a recent VBS.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my wife. She loves kids, and kids love her.
Teaching Sunday School at Good News Baptist Church
Her love for children crosses international borders. Here she is teaching in a VBS at Tuscarora Baptist Church, Addison, NY.

Ladies Ministries

Since day one Itacyara has been heavily involved in ministering to the ladies of the local church.

The ladies’ fellowship of the Good News Baptist Church meeting on our front porch.


Participation in the worship team at Good News Baptist Church gives Itacyara an outlet for her musical talents.


Itacyara is a gifted teacher, and not just for children.

Every Tuesday she teaches “Methods of Education” at our local training institute, training future Sunday School teachers and children’s ministry workers.
Itacyara also has a special burden for teens and college-age girls. Here she is bringing a devotional to a group from our churches.


Many people have commented on pictures we have posted on social media of Itacyara’s flower gardens here at the house. Besides making our own dwelling much more pleasant, they also serve to make our home the perfect place to receive guests…which we do on a frequent basis.

On Sunday we hosted the area pastors, their families, and the leaders of our youth association for lunch. This is what it looked like after Itacyara finished setting up.
A great time of fellowship, due for the most part to Itacyara’s care for our home.

Camp Ministry

Itacyara’s magic touch can be seen at the camp as well, in innumerable projects she has undertaken to make our facilities more attractive.

This stairway is just one of the many projects Itacyara has completed at the camp.
Together with one of our young people from Good News Baptist, Itacyara painted this logo (designed by our son Michael) on the bathroom wall at camp.

What I have posted here are just some of the more prominent ways Itacyara makes our ministry what it is. Every day, in hundreds of great and small ways, her touch is felt in lives impacted, to the glory of God.


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