Camp Update: Two Prayer Requests

The work at the Mount Zion Camp continues even though we are in the US on furlough. The camp receives enough in offerings from our local church to cover the electric bill, and to pay for the monthly maintenance on the trails.

Keeping the trails mowed is important for the continued use of the camp.

Now for the prayer requests. Recent pictures sent back to me show that the level of our river continues to be very low. We would ask that you pray that God would send rains sufficient to fill up our swimming area.

Our second prayer request involves this gate.

We had originally planned to have two entrances into the camp. However, this has proved to be unnecessary. Now, the wooden gate you see in the picture below is falling apart. We would like to remove the gate and fill in the space with bricks. As I mentioned above, offerings from our churches cover our regular maintenance, but not a project like this. Pray that God would provide the funds necessary to complete this project.

If you would like to help out, you can go to this page and follow the instructions.


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