Ministry Update: Exciting News from Camp!

If you have been present at any of the numerous churches we have visited since April, you know that we have been sharing the urgent need for dormitories at the camp. The amount needed for this construction was $30,000.

And yes, I mean “was”. I am pleased to announce that, based on a message I received from a supporting church last night, the $30,000 for our camp dormitories has been raised!

Itacyara and I are thrilled, to put it mildly. Thrilled, and immensely grateful to every individual and church that contributed to this fund. When we set up this project at the beginning of the year, we kind of expected to raise a part of the funds – maybe half – and scrape the rest together once we returned to the field and began the actual construction. Now we have the means to finish the construction and turn our attention to other projects.

And we have other projects in mind! Stay tuned here to see some exciting potential for the future.


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