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Ministry Update: A Little Camp and a Little Ebenezer

Let’s start with Ebenezer.

On Sunday we had our first full service of the New Year, which coincided with our first regular service under our new tent.

Here is a little video, featuring also the return of my saxophone after several months of hiatus.

Now on to camp.

On Tuesday we took a day to go inspect the camp grounds. Our last trip there had shown that weeds were already beginning to overtake the soccer field (welcome to life in the tropics!), so we took along some Roundup and some pumps and got to work.

Those weeds never stood a chance.

While at camp, we discovered that, due to the fact that rainy season has taken longer than usual to arrive, the level of the river that runs behind the camp are at an all-time low. This presents us with an unique opportunity to do some work widening and deepening the swimming area. Lord willing, we will be returning to camp on Monday with a crew to make this happen.

Finally, the similarity our weed-killing getup bears to a certain ’80s movie was not lost on our friend Valderlene, who made this video:


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