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To Your Tents, O Ebenezer!

Alternate titles for this post included “A Tent-ative Solution” and “For All In Tents and Purposes”.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Ebenezer church has begun meeting under a large tent. The main reason for this is (you guessed it!) Covid-19. We have been meeting outside in compliance with recommendations for the last several weeks now. However, as rainy season is almost upon us, some other solution had to be found.

Another reason is that over the last few weeks the attendance at Ebenezer has increased, to the point that, even should there be no Covid restrictions, we would have a hard time fitting into our old worship space.

Eventually the plan is to build a larger auditorium on the empty lot you see in the pictures. However, that is not financially feasible right now. What we were able to do, thanks to a special offering, was purchase this tent.

It was installed today. Here are some pictures:

Of course, if our church were to grow any more, we might find ourselves having to purchase another covering. That would be…wait for it…two tents.

I’ll show myself out.


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