Camp Update: Finishing Touches on the Pavilion

Now that Music Week is behind us, the focus returns to the ongoing development of the Mount Zion Baptist Camp. As you can see from the pictures, we are getting very close to the end. As always, there are little details that need to be cared for before we can move on to the next project:

New Support Beams

In order to insure that our building does not blow away in the wind, we are going to have to add two new support beams, one at each end. This needs to be done before all the cross beams can be attached, but was not part of the original proposal, which means I am going to have to cough up the cash somehow to get these done before we can inaugurate the structure.

Retention Wall

The far side of the wall is next to a bank…that is mostly sand. Already the sand is beginning to drift down onto the floor of the pavilion. So we need to build a small retaining wall to keep this from happening.

Roof Extension

We have discovered that when it rains really hard (which it does for about half of the year) the wind blows the rain into the pavilion. This should be resolved by an extension of the roof on the windward side of the building.

The people in our churches are getting excited about the prospect of finally being able to use the camp property. Please pray that God would provide for these final details to be able to be taken care of soon.

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