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Ministry Update: “It’s Training Men”

On Sunday Pastor Francivaldo called the men together before the service to talk about the possibility of a men’s ministry for the Ebenezer church.

Now, a men’s ministry is something I have wanted for a long time – ever since we began the church over eight years ago. We had a couple false starts, but it always seemed like it was something I wanted and nobody else was ready to make a commitment to.

As Pastor Francivaldo started the meeting, he expressed the need for the older men to be an example to the young men in our church – many of whom have grown up without a father to give them much-needed guidance. This was nothing new, I’ve expressed this many times to our men over the years.

But this time something clicked. The guys began to share things they wished their fathers had taught them. Then it dawned on them that many of them have skills that they could share with others.

“I can teach you guys how to weld, and how to sharpen knives.”

“My son here can show us all the basics of electric wiring.”

“We’ve got a fireman here who can teach us all about fire safety.”

“It would be great if someone would come and instruct us in how to have family devotions.”

And on and on it went, until the year’s calendar was full of mini-seminars on basic skills every man should know. Besides that, devotional topics were suggested for giving biblical orientation for manhood, and guy-oriented activities were planned. This Saturday we’re going fishing.

Planning the new men’s fellowship.

As I said, this isn’t our first attempt to get a men’s ministry up and running, but this is the first time we’ve had such a great buy-in. I really think this one will stick.


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