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Michael Comings, Photographer

At the aforementioned puppetry school I gave the camera to Mikey, with the intention that he take picture of the event. Those who know my firstborn will not be surprised at the pictures I found on the camera at the end of the day:

A local species of monkey called a sagui.


The wildlife photos did not surprise me in the least. However, these next ones caught me off guard:

Hmmmmmmmm. Think I may need to have a chat with my son.Back in the day, puppetry was a big part of our ministry. Today`s #tbt features a puppetry seminar we put on at a church in Juazeiro do Norte.


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  1. lol. nice work michael 🙂
    awww.. those girls are cute.. and he did a good job on framing their faces in the shot.
    what can you say..he is a ladies man. 😛

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