Family News

Updates on the Comings family. Includes selfies, pets, and obnoxious parents bragging about kids,

Vacation Pics

This is a belated report on our family reunion/vacation at Canaan Land. You can see more pics by clicking here....

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Tassie Update

As of 7:51 this morning, Itacyara is officially on her way to Brazil to visit her ailing mother. The set...

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Update on Tassie’s Mom

Last night, on the way home from our family reunion/vacation, we got word that Tassie’s mother (my mother-in-law) has taken...

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Vacation is Great

The lack of posts for the last couple of days is due to the fact that I am currently on...

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Many Faces of Mike

On the way back from Tallahassee Itacyara captured some of Mikey’s expressions from the back seat of the car. This...

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Congratulations, Joe!

On May 19th, I attended the graduation ceremony for my brother Joe at Tompkins-Cortland Community College. Joe graduated with honors....

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