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Best of Brazil: Belem Boat Ride

We arrived in Belem this morning. Belem is our final destination before boarding our plane to the US. Our hostess here took us on a boat that cruises the coast of the city. Here are some pictures:

This is the Ver o Peso market. Scenes like this here in Belem and in São Luís have been the inspiration for the city of Santo Expedito in the Missionary Max series.
Here is a tower from which can be seen most of the city of Belem. It is on the list of places to visit tomorrow.
A seedy, waterfront neighborhood very similar to the one where the Green Monkey tavern is located in the Missionary Max books.

Our cruise also included live entertainment featuring traditional music and dance from the state of Para. At one point they went around and asked all the foreign tourists where they were from, and the band played a song from that country. When they got to me they played New York, New York. The funniest moment was when they found a tourist from Argentina. After playing a song from that country, they asked if there were any German tourists–a reference to the drubbing Argentina got from Germany during the World Cup.


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