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Don’t Try This At Home

Going through some archived pictures on my laptop I came across these taken by my Mom while she visited here two years ago.

This is actually a fairly common sight here. Back when I had a pickup I would often look in my rear view mirror to find a cyclist hanging on to the tailgate.

While I never pulled this particular stunt as a kid, I did do some pretty crazy stuff–like trying to play “chicken” with a parked car. The car won.

Update My friend Tom, who grew up here in Brazil, left his note on my Facebook page:

My younger brother and I used to do that all the time on our bikes while growing up in Brazil! Actually is was easier (in a way) to hang onto the metal handle at the rear door of a bus with your left hand. A bit more dangerous ’cause the bus drivers would sometimes see you through their rear-view mirror on the passenger side and then they would try to ease closer to the curb to wipe you out!!! We’d hold on and even tilt our bikes so the wheels were in closer to the bus and get as long a ride as possible before we were forced to let go. lol Brings back fun memories from my missionary kid childhood days!!!

Talk back to the missionary: What was the craziest thing you ever tried with a bike? What were the results?


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