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BMM do Brasil Missionary Family, 2010

Behold the Baptist Mid Missions of Brazil missionary family for 2010!
Talk back to the missionary: See anybody you know?


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  1. I’m looking for an article about BMM missionary, Leonard who was shot and paralyzed as a missionary in Brazil and then went back to the field. It might have been in the Baptist Bulletin. Not sure.

  2. praise the lord , greeting from pakistan we are born again christian we are full time in the ministries for church planting, leadership training, seminars,convention,crusades and others church activities by the Grace God we in ministries,
    now by the pray and devotion God had calling us for missionary family, if there is short term and long term opportunity are available you have then pls let us know us we will be thankfull you God bless you
    your faithfuly
    Pastor Baber George

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