Camp Update: Water Slide Work and an Urgent Prayer Request

As we prepare for our teen retreat in the beginning of December there are two projects that we are working hard to complete.

The Water Slide

We have been working steadily on our swimming area over the last year. Here are a couple pictures showing how it currently looks:

This is the second attempt we have made at a water slide. The first one we put to use at our English Day retreat. It was a hit, but the landing was a little rough. Not wanting to make unnecessary trips to the emergency room we began to look for solutions. The best way, we decided, was to move the slide down to the river. There is less of an incline, and the happy campers will be deposited safely into the swimming area, instead of being launched into space.

Work began two weeks ago.

Cutting the ramp through the underbrush.

As of last weekend, this is what it looked like?

We are excited about how this new project is shaping up, and looking forward to posting pictures of the campers enjoying it.

Urgent Prayer Request!

Many are aware that we are currently building a porch for our dormitory. It SHOULD have been completed by now. However, we are awaiting a shipment of lumber for the roof beams. And that lumber is not forthcoming. We receive promise after promise (“It will be here by next week, guaranteed!”) only to not receive any lumber. So, please pray with us that this lumber arrives in time to finish the porch for the retreat.


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