Brief Camp Update

On Tuesday we went to Morros to finalize negotiations for the purchase of initial property for our camp project. Previous trips had been frustrating due to confusion over just what was being sold, and how much it was being sold for.
On this trip we walked over the entire property (what we have already bought, and what was still for sale) and marked out the official limits, measuring them as we went. As we cut through the brush and set the markers, it became clear that the price we were being offered was a very good one indeed.
So, we finalized the deal. Official signing of papers and transfer of funds will take place next week. Right now we are making plans as to where we will put the first structure–a multipurpose building that will allow us to begin holding events there, possibly as early as next year.
There is a lot of hard work ahead, but those who have been involved in camp ministry know that there is a huge spiritual payoff to be had. Please pray for the progress of this ministry!
As a side note, Itacyara had a talk with the wife of the man who is selling us the property, and she ended up pouring out her heart to her, giving my wife the opportunity to give her some solid biblical counsel. I am constantly amazed at how people are drawn to Itá, and feel the freedom to ask for counsel after only a brief acquaintance. Needless to say, her gift for empathy is a tremendous asset to our ministry.

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