Camp Update: Still Preparing for the Youth Retreat

As we reported before, we in the middle of intense preparations full panic mode before the first ever youth retreat at the Mount Zion Baptist Camp. For over a month we have been spending almost every weekend at camp. We leave Friday morning, and return in time for the main service at Ebenezer on Sunday evening.

Here are some pictures of from last weekend:

These are local men who we hired to clear out an area for our soccer field.
Our guys spent two days filling wheelbarrows with sand and taking turns wheeling them down to the soccer field.
…and after.
Meanwhile Itacyara busied herself painting our new metal gates.
The finished product.
Simultaneously we are installing the kitchen sink and countertops.

There is still much to be done, and we have two weekends in order to finish before the retreat. Please pray that we will be able to complete all the essential tasks in time.

Also, as you can imagine, there has been quite a financial outlay for these projects. If you are interested in investing in this ministry, please visit this page to find out how you can do that.

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