Camp Update: Preparing for the Youth Retreat

Several months ago our camp development team decided that the time had come to schedule a teen retreat. We’ve been building the camp, little by little, since late 2011, and now it is time to put this resource God has given us to good use.

When we made the original plans, we were counting on perhaps twenty or thirty campers. As of right now, we have over seventy campers registered for the event!

Needless to say, this has sent our preparations into overdrive. Last week our family and one young person from the church went out to work on a few essential projects.

Michael and Nathanael removing construction debris from around the pavilion.
Iron grates ready to be installed on windows and doors.
Itacyara, painting the kitchen walls and looking beautiful at the same time.
Work has begun on what will soon be our soccer field.

We have recently been blessed with the donation of two major pieces of equipment, essential to the operation of our camp.

The ladies of our state association of churches raised money for a year to be able to purchase this industrial-strength stove and oven.
Several people from our churches chipped in to be able to purchase this used water cooler.

There are several projects which still need to be completed between now and the first week of November. A partial list:

Finish the soccer field

Dredge the swimming area

Install a sink and counter top in the kitchen

Install grates on the doors and windows

Repair the front gate

Time and money are running short. Please be in prayer as we scramble to finish everything in time. Would you consider partnering with our area churches in making this event a success? This link explains how you can do that right now.

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