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Best of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro in 2000

Almost exactly 23 years ago Itacyara and I went to Rio to get her visa so she could go to the US. We spent about two weeks there and took advantage of the time to see the sights and snap some pictures. Some of these pictures have been preserved in my digital archives, and I thought they would make a great Best of Brazil post.


We stayed in Niteroi, across the bay from Rio, which meant we commuted to the city each morning by ferry boat.
Approaching Rio from Niteroi.
When we disembarked from the ferry, this is the sight that greeted us.
Of course one cannot visit Rio without seeing its famous beaches, like Copacabana.
Cool sand art abounded.
This US ship that was transferred to the Brazilian Navy during World War II was pretty cool. (That’s my blushing bride in the foreground)
All hands on deck! Man the guns!
A trip to the Christ the Redeemer Statue was obligatory, although unfortunately none of my pictures of the state itself have survived. But this is a great view of Sugarloaf Mountain.
Another View from the Christ the Redeemer statue.
The city of Rio is not the only thing that has changed over time.
This is the lovely place in Niteroi where we stayed. It was a Christian retreat center run by our friends and colleagues the Kilkos.
The saying goes that Niteroi has something that Rio doesn’t…a view of Rio.


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