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Snapshots of Missionary Life: From the Jungle to the Beach to the Buffet…

Here are some pictures of our life on the mission field over the last two weeks. As always, subscribe to our Instagram account to get these in “real time”.

The truck loaded down with items donated to camp.
Missionaries don’t hack through the jungle with machetes anymore…except when they do.
Itacyara with the ladies from the Boas Novas church, at a beach-side get-together.
Saturday night open-air evangelism with the people from the Boas Novas church.
A rare Saturday night at home means we broke out the Triple Five game. We played adults against teenagers. The teenagers trounced the adults.
Baptists are Baptists the world over…
Friends at our home on a Sunday afternoon.
Apparently some of my professors think that because I have learned Portuguese, I can handle Spanish and Italian. Give me time…
There should be a law…


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