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Ministry Update: Ebenezer Work Day (UPDATE: More Photos!)

While we are in the US on furlough, we occasionally get pictures of things taking place back in Brazil. Here are some photos of recent “sprucing up” done by the members of Ebenezer.

The project was to put down cement in the corridor between the church building and the outer wall. First step: mix the cement.
Next step: lay the cement.
The finished product.
Being good Baptists, work is followed by a meal.
The next project will be to build a small supply shed. Here Pastor Francivaldo unloads bricks from his multi-purpose vehicle.

We are thrilled to see how the Ebenezer church continues to grow, develop, and carry on the ministry now that we have moved on to other things.


This post was written yesterday and scheduled to be published early this morning. As I was having breakfast, Pastor Francivaldo sent me some more pictures, showing a new concrete pad under the tent, among other things. Rather than make a whole new post, I decided to include them here. Enjoy!


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