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Snapshots of Missionary Life: Making Up for Lost Time

This website was dormant for most of June…but our lives were certainly not. Furlough has been quite eventful so far, and there have been many, many “Kodak moments”. Here are some of the highlights of our travels. For those looking for pictures of our family reunion and celebration of my parents’ 50th anniversary, that will be getting its own post later.

Not as many gators as here, but Florida is still a great place to see these fearsome lizards.

One of the great things about being in Florida was the chance to spend some quality time with my parents. This double date was lots of fun.

Itacyara making new friends.

Gators are not the only wildlife in Florida.

One of the things I enjoy about being in the US is seeing all the classic cars on the road. This one was in a WalMart parking lot in Lakeland, FL.

Have I mentioned that Floridians love their gators?

Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve seen in the US so far.

This store has everything to do with Itacyara.

Another cool thing about being in the US…public libraries!

The obligatory model train video.

Now that we are in NY, time to see the sights…like Watkins Glen State Park.

We have meetings in churches almost every week.

Fathers Day with these knuckleheads…priceless.

I feel the need…the need for speed.


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