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Random Pictures from the Batavia Team

Before I start this entry, let me just explain that when groups from the US come down I do not have much time to be taking pictures. Hence I rely on those taken by the group. The pictures that follow were taken by Pastor Mark Hurlbut, who kindly gave me permission to use them here.

The group from Batavia had a unique experience as they arrived at the airport. A “quadrilha” group was performing in the lobby.

As this group was from Upstate New York, the beach in Fortaleza was a major attraction.

One of our first stops after the group arrived was our camp. This is a shot of the team on the bridge which spans the lake.

Pastor Jeff is the youth leader for the church, and is possibly the most adventurous person ever to come visit us. Here he is with a rather large frog. Later we ate at a “rodizio” where we were served wild boar, capivara, and frog meat. Jeff was definitely in his element at that point.

Here is another group pic, taken from the top of one of the ridges that surrounds our valley.

This is Pastor Mark Hurlbut preaching…and Yours Truly translating.
The Batavia group had some great interaction with our youth group, and administered a fantastic English camp. Many of the team members are already talking about coming back.


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