A whirlwind schedule and limited internet connectivity have combined since the tenth of this month to form the perfect storm for non-communication. Result: mucho updating to do before sending out next prayer letter.
We will start with my favorite set of photos from the past several weeks: the celebration of 11 years of marriage to the Brazilian Bombshell.
For the weekend of our anniversary we were able to get away to a nice little chalet near the beach here in São Luís. The boys stayed with friends, and we had Friday and Saturday to ourselves. It was wonderful!

On a bench at the chalet

On Friday night we had dinner “on the town”, and took in a capoeira demonstration.

This is me, assuming my best “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” pose.

Same hat, but somehow it looks a lot better in this picture.

Some have asked why I refer to my wife as “The Brazilian Bombshell”. I submit the above photo as “Evidence A”, and rest my case.

This photo is missing something…

Ah, much better!
Thank you, Lord, for demonstrating Your grace (unmerited favor) in my life in the form of this lovely woman. Help me to somehow make it worth her while!