Those who have been following us on Twitter are aware that I have spent considerable time over the last few weeks preparing messages for a weekend youth conference at one of our local churches. I learned a lot through my studies of the subject matter (Hell and the Fear of God), and hope to publish a series of short devotional articles about it in the near future.
For now, however, I am going to content myself with posting some pictures from the weekend.
Preparing to Preach
This (rather dark) picture is of yours truly preaching on Saturday evening. It was a youth conference, so I decided to be a little radical. I didn’t wear a tie.
Betel Youth Group
This is me with the Betel youth group (that would be the people standing behind the bright red table that kind of dominates the photo).
Three Amigos
Michel (pictured above with me and his wife, Aline) is one of our seminary students who also serves as assistent to the pastor at Betel.
While I was preaching on Friday my son made this little video of me. I’m not saying anything profound–just a few introductory remarks. Still, I think it counts as “The Missionary In Action”(tm).