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The Music Must Go On!

Our church has always been a singing church. Since the pandemic hit several weeks ago, we have been having our services online, and whatever its strengths, Zoom is not conducive to congregational music. That hasn’t stopped us from singing, however.

Here is a video of four young ladies from our church, ministering to an online gathering of our ladies’ association. Their choice of songs – In His Time – seems especially relevant.

One of our ladies sent me a message saying she had heard a recording of a saxophone, and it made her nostalgic for the days when I would play with our congregation. Itacyara had the idea of dusting off my saxophone and playing some of our church’s favorite choruses on our church’s Facebook page.

Here is the result.

Finally, something a little more lighthearted…this comes from our sending church in Lakeland Florida, where they have also been in quarantine.

Can’t get for guys together for a quartet? Nothing a little creative video editing can’t fix!

*If you can’t see it well on this page, you can watch it directly on YouTube.

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