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Snapshots of Missionary Life: Pics, Pics, and More Pics

It has been a while since our last “Snapshots” post, and we have been VERY busy – which means LOTS of pictures. Here are some of the best ones. As always, you can follow us on Instagram for the most recent photos.

Click on each image to see the whole thing.

First up…what in the world?

It was love at first sight…

Missionaries learn to live with the bear necessities.

Our time in Ohio included moments such as these.

Itacyara has had many opportunities to minister at camps and VBS’s.

Since we have been in NY, there has been wildlife in abundance.

Culture shock – seeing old cars everywhere you go.

How many ways can you make macaroni and cheese? Lots, as it turns out.

I see that hand.

A moment of reflection.


A great place to shuffle off to, or so I’m told.

We got some work to do now…

Lots of opportunities to present our ministry. Many more to go!


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