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A Surprise Trip to the US

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you know that I am currently in the US. You probably don’t know all the details. So here they are.
Several months ago the pastor of our home church contacted me about the possibility of my coming to the US to participate in the ordination of my brother Daniel. The church paid for my ticket, and on Tuesday I arrived in Lakeland, FL.

What was really neat is that this was a complete surprise for my brother. Shortly after my arrival at the pastor’s house I went out back and got in one of the monkey cages (oh yes, he is a collector of exotic animals). Daniel came over with my parents, ostensibly to look at some of pastor’s new animals and to have desert. Below are some pictures his wife took of his reaction:

Here is Daniel as he is seeing me for the first time. The classic double-take.

When he could finally speak, his exact wording was “DUDE!”

This is me leaving my hiding place. I was very grateful that they put me in an empty cage.

And the joyful reunion. It looks as if the monkeys want to be a part of it as well.

Daniel and I catching up on old times.

Of course, Daniel had to tweet the event to everybody.

Update: It is now twelve years later, and Daniel is serving God as s flight instructor for missionary pilots in Alaska. You can follow his adventures here.


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  1. Ficaram ótimas! Deve ter sido engraçado e emotionante! Diga a Daniel e a Emilly que eu mando congratulações!

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