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Ministry Update: The Regular Baptist Institute of Maranhão

We’ve been posting a lot of camp updates of late, but we mustn’t neglect the other main ministry God has given us here in Maranhão: our Bible Institute.

For the last five years our pastors have banded together to provide basic theological and ministry training to interested members of our churches. Our purpose is to prepare lay pastors and leaders for our local churches and church-planting projects. The pace of courses has been slow (we will be graduating our first student this year), in part to accommodate the busy schedules of many in our churches.

Over the past two years interest and participation has increased, so last Wednesday we got together to discuss the future of the Institute.

The group of pastors who met to map out the future of the institute.

Among other things, we organized an administrative board (president, secretary, treasurer, the whole nine yards). We also voted to increase our class frequency from once a week to twice a week, offering two subjects per semester, in stead of just one.

This semester Pastor Francivaldo – one of the church-planters in our region – is teaching Missions and Evangelism.

Pastor Francivaldo teaching, and making use of the new audio-visual equipment we acquired earlier in the year.
Pastor Francivaldo (center) and his students.

The Bible Institute project is one of the most exciting things going on here. Please pray that God will use it to raise up a generation of workers for the Maranhão field.


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