This is a continuation of our report on the visit of a missions team from Fellowship Baptist Church in Lakeland Florida. Read parts one, two and three.

Of course the dunes are not the only natural beauty to be found in our lovely part of the world. Not by a long shot. Since we were in the area, we also took a boat ride down the Preguiça River. (again, thanks, Daniel, for the pictures).

The Preguiça (Lazy) River is beautiful this time of year. And by “this time of year”, I mean between from January 1st through December 31st.

One of the favorite stops along the way is Monkey Beach. So named because of the all the monkeys. And the beach.

Missions is about making new friends.

Meanwhile, Pastor Dan and I commiserated on the hardships of ministry.

Another stop along the river affords an opportunity for a little four-wheeling.

Missions is about making new friends (part 2)

Stay tuned…there’s more to come.

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