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The Maranhão Gang: Riding with our Pastoral Posse

In response to yesterday’s post about Missionary Max and the “white savior complex”, a friend tagged me in an article that chronicled a case that can be described as a disaster of foreign missions. Though the title of the article cited the “white savior complex”, I came to the conclusion (which the author also seems to come to at the end) that the main issue was one of a fundamental lack of accountability – that which is ideally provided by an engaged sending church, a group of missionary colleagues, and national co-workers.

We are thankful for the presence of all three in our ministry, including this group of national pastors (seen in this picture at a recent event put on by our ladies auxiliary). As an outsider, a foreigner, an “interloper”, it is a privilege to be considered one of their number.

God did not intend for “Lone Ranger” ministry, and we are grateful for the posse he has rounded up for us to work with.

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