The subtitle of this weblog informs that these are the “musings of a missionary to Brazil.” It occured to me that up until now precious little had been said about Brazil. I would therefore like to use today’s space to share several reasons why I am in love with Brazil.

Reason #1: Brazilians

Brazilians are absolutely the most loveable people in the world. They have a graciousness and a gentleness which are sorely lacking in our American culture. At the same time, the value sincerity in their dealings with one another. Their concept of friendship-amizade-is much more profound than our own. I have spent about three years in Brazil, but in that 10% of my life (you math whizes now know my age!) I have made about 50% of the lasting friendships that I have.

Reason 2:Brazilian Life

Life in Brazil is great! There is an easygoing rhythm in day-to-day existence that stands in stark contrast to the frenetic pace of the North American lifesyle. Sitting here at my computer, I can picture the waving palms, the swaying hammocks, the cheerful bustle of outdoor markets, and the cathartic Bossa Nova music in the background. This is not to say that life in Brazil does not have its drawbacks, but once you have been hooked on Brazil, there is no cure.

Reason 3: Brazlian Pride

I am a red, white and blue, flag-waving, apple pie-eating American. Yet, because of my time spent in Brazil, coupled with being married to the most gorgeous Brazilian woman in existence and having a Brazilian son, I am probably equally Brazilian in my outlook. As a result, my pride for being a Brazilian (albeit an unofficial one) is right up there next to my pride for being an American. I get choked up when I see the Brazilian flag. I get passionate when I talk about the Brazilian soccer team. I can tell you at length the Brazilian contributions to the world (I am not ready to say that Santos Dumont invented the airplane, but he most certainly did invent the wristwatch!).
I love Brazil! If you haven’t gotten that from this article, I need to seriously re-examine my communication skills. I hope that you, the reader, will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with Brazilians, and, better yet, go to Brazil and experience it for yourself.

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