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Max Moment: Missionary Max Giveaway!!!

Have a new e-reading gizmo? (and according to recent research, chances are you do!) Interested in a free e-book? (who isn’t, right?) Today is your lucky day! We are proud to announce the first Missionary Max Giveaway. From now to the end of next week I will be giving away twenty (20) copies of The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max, Part 1.
Here is what you have to do:
1. “Like” the Missionary Max Facebook page*
2. Post either this link for the Kindle version, or this link for the Nook version, on your social media site of choice (e.g. Facebook/Twitter)
3. Leave a comment on this post telling me you have done so. Be sure to tell me in the comment if you prefer the book in Kindle or Nook format.**
The first twenty people to follow the above steps will receive a free copy of The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max, Part 1!
Happy reading!
*If you already “like” the Missionary Max Facebook page, that’s cool! Just post one of the links on a social media site, and leave a comment on this post.
**If you already have The Amazing Adventures of Missionary Max, Part 1, but know somebody who you think would like to read it, follow the above steps, then send me an e-mail with their information and I will be happy to send them a copy. Unfortunately, I will only be able to send one copy per person.

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The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max, Parts 1 and 2 are now available for Kindle and Nook!

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