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Once again Itacyara and I have had the privilege of hosting a team from the US. This is our fifth team since we arrived on the field in 2005, and the second to visit us from Fellowship Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL–our sending church.
Every team that has come down has been an adventure, and this one was no different. What follows are some pictures, lifted (with permission) from the Facebook page of Pastor Daniel Comings (aka “my bro”).
Ministry at the new kids club in Rio São João
Hacking through the underbrush at the camp in Morros
Interacting with English students and teachers
Sharing Christ at the Federal University of Maranhão
Exploring the ocean inlets around São Luís
Braving the treacherous crossing on the way to Barreirinhas
Making puppets for Child Evangelism Fellowship
Frolicking on the dunes of the Lençois Maranhenses
What They Accomplished
On their last full day here in São Luís, I sat the team down and gave them a summary of the impact they had here.
1. The Gospel was shared repeatedly, and clearly. At the University, to English students, in two different churches, at a youth rally, and to many people individually.
2. Doors were opened. The presence of the americanos here presented us (Itacyara and I) with opportunities to meet and befriend people we would have never met otherwise.
3. The Church in São Luís was edified. Two different events were planned and executed that brought together people from all three of our local churches here in São Luís…specifically the young people. During and after the events, the consensus among the attendees was “we need to do this more often”. It took a group of foreigners coming from Lakeland Florida to do it, but finally we are now beginning to see more unity among our breth’ren.
4. The missionaries were encouraged. God used this team, from our home church, to give us a “shot in the arm” when we needed it the most.
5. Investments were made in future missionaries. Several of the young people on the team expressed a desire to return and become more involved in the ministry here. We anxiously await their arrival!

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