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Best of Brazil: Tom Jobim’s “Wave” on the Recorder

Often in this space we feature performances of Brazilian music by well-known musicians. Today’s offering is a little closer to home.

Back in 2018 we held a week of musical training, with a group of musicians from the US teaming up with some musicians from here and giving instruction in voice and instruments. One young girl, granddaughter of a lady from one of our churches, received her first lessons in recorder at that event.

When she returned home (she lives in the city of Belém) she kept practicing, and was eventually accepted into a local recorder orchestra. Her grandmother just sent me this video of her group, performing Tom Jobim’s classic Bossa Nova piece, “Wave” (in Portuguese, “Vou Te Contar”, which we’ve featured before). The girl, Raynara, by name, is second from the right at the .21 mark.

This is Raynara in 2018 with a couple from the team that came down…

And here she is now, with other members of the orchestra.

Here is the Instagram account of the orchestra she plays with, Flautas da Amazônia.

We are thrilled to have been able to play a small part in her musical development!


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