First Evangelistic Outreach to Morros (Updated With More Pictures)

On Saturday and Sunday we held our first major evangelistic outreach in the city of Morros. For those of you who are new here, Morros is roughly two hours from São Luís, and is where our camp project is located.

About 45 people from São Luís (20 of whom were from our Ebenezer congregation) embarked Saturday morning for the camp, arriving at around 9am. Once there, they set up tents and hung hammocks at the newly constructed pavilion, availed themselves of the swimming hole, and prepared lunch.

3pm found most of the group in downtown Morros, where they handed out tracts, and held special activities for kids in a school loaned to us for the occasion. At night, there was an evangelistic service in a nearby town square.

The next morning was reserved for some sight-seeing (see the pictures of the river excursion above) and other fun activities. Michael and I broke out his air rifle and the campers engaged in target practice. At 3pm the group was back in Morros for their second round of kids clubs and evangelism.

The week was not without its bumps. Our water pump went out (it is currently being repaired), and the battery on our car “chose” this moment to die, making it impossible to use our vehicle for most of the event. None of these difficulties got in the way of the overall success of the event.

While the main focus was on the evangelistic campaign, from the perspective of one who is developing a camp ministry, this was a milestone event. It was the first time a group of people spent the night at the camp – and it was a big success!

Scroll through the pictures to get a feel for the entire event.

There is still a LOT of work to be done on the camp. Our main project for 2019 is going to be the building of a kitchen, but there are other smaller, but no less important, projects that need to be completed as well. Go here to find out how you can be involved!

Pictures by myself and other participants of the event.

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