We are extremely grateful for your response to our 2017-2018 camp funding meter. Your generosity allowed us to complete the bathrooms, and bring the pavilion to a place where it can be used.

Below are our projects for 2018-2019. This list will be updated as time progresses and more details are worked out.

Our pavilion is up and ready for use, but during the construction process several things came to light that were not part of the original budget. 1) Two additional columns for support, 2) an extension on the roof on one side to keep the wind from blowing the rain in, and 3) a two-foot high wall on either side that will keep drifting sand out, and double as benches.

I have divided the need this project into two parts:

Material Matters This covers all the materials needed for the project. Price tag: $400

Love of Labor This covers all the labor involved in the project. Price tag: R$600

Total needed to finish the project and put the pavilion and bathrooms to use: $1,000

If you’ve been paying attention, this is a significant reduction from our earlier estimate. This is due to a more detailed look at the materials we will be needing.

Here’s a quick video to explain further what needs to be done:

Something’s Cookin’ Our next major project for the camp will be the construction of a kitchen area attached to the pavilion. Later on we will be this project into smaller pieces, but for now we have an overall estimate. Price tag: $10,000