This is a continuation of our report on the visit of a missions team from Fellowship Baptist Church in Lakeland Florida. Read parts one and two.

A mere two-hour drive from our camp project lie the Lençoís Maranhenses dunes. So spectacular is this natural wonder that Marvel used them as a backdrop for scenes in their last two Avengers movies.

Of course we feel somewhat obligated to take our visitors to experience for themselves this lovely portion of God’s creation. (thanks, Daniel, for the pictures)

Getting to the dunes is no easy task. After the ferry boat takes the trucks across the Rio Preguiça, there is a bumpy, 45-minute ride through the brush.

Tim and Albert take in the view.


No words can describe this beauty.

The Comings family and the F.O.C.U.S. team.

More jaw-dropping beauty.

…and some more.

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