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Ebenezer Sunday School 2.0

On Sunday (August Fourth) the Ebenezer congregation held the grand re-opening of our Sunday School program. Several changes were implemented: a new time (morning as opposed to afternoon), more time (two hours as opposed to one), and structure (an opening assembly, an hour of class time, a closing assembly). To commemorate this new phase in the history of our church, we had a special breakfast before Sunday School began.

Personally, I was fearful that the morning hour would make for a lower attendance. In fact, the opposite occurred. Here are some pictures from the event.

Jadson is part of our Sunday School leadership team. Here he is leading the opening assembly.
Part of our new Sunday School program involves giving some of our men the opportunity to bring a short message during the opening assembly. Here Alex talks about the importance of bringing our children up in the Word.
Regianne is teaches our Primaries class.
I kicked off the semester by beginning a series on the life of David.
Liang teaches the teen class.
Alisson teaches the Juniors class.
In the closing session the classes give a summary of what they have learned.
Rosa is our new Sunday School secretary.
There is time for singing in the opening and closing sessions. On Sunday Alisson even broke out his ukulele.
Michael and Rodrigo pouring over their lesson.
Alex illustrates his devotional by having his two daughters recite verses they have memorized recently.

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