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Because He Lives! Brazilian Christians React to the Corona Virus…and it’s Awesome!

In Brazil’s large cities there is an honored tradition called the panelaço. Basically, what happens is people disgruntled with one...

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Ready for Blast-Off: The Next Steps for the Alcântara Launch Center

On Monday Michael and I had a unique and very educational experience. We were given the opportunity to attend a...

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First They Came for the Comedians: Free Speech and the Right to Offend in Brazil

Danilo Gentili is a highly successful Brazilian comedian and talk-show host. He can be downright hilarious. He also takes special...

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In Limbo: An Update on the Brazilian Homeschooling Movement

A few months ago I published an article about the nascent Brazilian homeschooling movement. Since then many have asked for...

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Trump, Bolsonaro, and the Alcântara Launch Center

On Tuesday Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro visited US President Trump in Washington. The visit, of course, generated much press here...

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So Let’s Talk About the Brazilian Elections

For most of the 2018 Brazilian election cycle I have limited my comments on the politics of this country to...

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Documentary: The Seven Wonders of Brazil

I started the Best of Brazil Blog back in June in order to have a place to post exclusively about...

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Brazilian Supreme Court Bans Homeschooling

Over on our personal Facebook page we’ve been posting updates on a process to legalize homeschooling here in Brazil that...

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Charismatic Confusion: This Can’t Be a Church Service. Please Tell Me It’s Not a Church Service.


It’s a church service. This is what happens when generations are left without clear biblical teaching. Pray for Evangelicalism in...

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Redefining Jesus, Brazilian Style

One of the clearest indications of exactly who Jesus is and what He represents is the near obsessive interest that...

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