Camp Update

Today I went to the camp property again, accompanied by two men from our church, Francivaldo and George. Our goal was to clear away the weeds around the remaining undefined boundary.
But first…
…the first “structure” raised on the camp property.
And this came in very handy because…
…it rained. No…it poured. Not that we ran for cover. In fact, the rain was a welcome relief from the relentless sun, and our productivity actually increased. But it did allow us to keep our food and water handy without having to scramble and put everything back in the car.
The boundary in question goes from the road to the top of a hill not quite halfway into our property. In the above picture, I am at the top of the hill, pointing towards the stake at the other end.
Here George and I look towards the road. The swath of cleared land you see stretching in front of us was cut out today.
A hearty meal!
After achieving our main objective, we set to the next task, which was to define the area where the first building will go. We cleared another path through the underbrush. Lord willing the first building–a multi-use structure that will allow us to have overnight activities at the camp–will be constructed to the left of the measuring tape in the picture.
At the end of the day we surveyed our work, with a great deal of satisfaction.
Our goals for our next trip to the camp (probably in two weeks) are 1) to set put up a fence on the land we cleared today, and 2) clear out the area where the multi-use building will go. We are planning a week-long “work retreat” for July, where we hope to make significant progress on the building.

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  1. hard work, but very worthwile. So glad that you now own this property and can develop it to God’s glory!

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