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Daily Dozen

Some Musical Numbers From Brazil’s Fantastico program.
…And From the Same Source Brazil’s surprisingly large indigenous population.
Amazing Self Discipline Or, extreme dislike of vegetables.
The Good Ol’ Days When toys were educational.
A Great Essay on Humor From noted comic Tim Keller.
Motivational Posters For the chronically unmotivated
And Speaking of Motivation Regrets, I’ve had a few…and they’re what keep me going. (Shout out to friend and missionary colleague John Wilburn)
Lego Creation of the Day Ahoy, Matey!
Truth in Tweeting One more reason to keep and bear arms.
How do you say “outrage”…in Canadian?
T4G Together for…Gondor? (included at the insistence of my bro Daniel)
Say Cheese …and swim away real fast.
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