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Best of Brazil: Remains of US B-25 Bomber Found off the Coast of Maranhão

A few days ago a friend in Brazil sent me a link to a story that was breaking just three hours from where we live. During a community outreach in the little coastal town of Humberto de Campos, members of the Labor and Economic Development Department of the state of Maranhão happened upon the wreckage of a B25 bomber left over from World War II.

How did this relic from the Second World War end up in Brazil? If you are familiar with the history of Brazil, it’s not hard to figure out. Brazilian airfields served as jump-off points for the war in Africa. Bombers would stop in the city of Natal, Brazil for refueling on their way to do battle with the Luftwaffe and Erwin Rommel’s desert panzer divisions.

According to one news article, a call to the US War Department confirmed that the plane in question was, indeed, part of the Atlantic fleet. Apparently mechanical failure caused the accident just as the bomber was approaching Brazil from Africa. None of the six crewmen are known to have survived.

We are in the US right now…were we in Brazil I’d be planning my next trip to Humberto de Campos to catch a glimpse of this piece of history for myself.

Click here to see pictures of the pieces of the aircraft that have been recovered so far (article in Portuguese).

Banner image source: Wikipedia


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