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Best of Brazil: Mini Mundo in Gramado

I mentioned this attraction in a previous post, but that did not give it nearly the coverage it deserves.

Mini Mundo is what we in the Model Railroading community call a “garden railway”. But it is certainly not your “garden variety” garden railway. It’s creators have gone all-out to make sure there is something for everybody in the display. The structures, buildings…everything…are reproduced in “G scale”, which means they are 1/24 the original size.

And the results are simply breathtaking, even if you are not a rail fan.

Let’s take a look.

The details on this castle are simply amazing.
Check out the garden, featuring real plants.
Train enthusiasts like me will be amazed at this fully functional round house.
1/24 sized church, complete with a 1/24 sized couple tying the (presumably) 1/24 sized knot.
The creators of Mini Mundo have a great sense of humor. A piece of jewelry dropped by a visitor is surrounded by workers in hazmat suits.
The port, complete with ship built to scale, is incredible.
Easter eggs abound. See anything interesting in this picture. No? Perhaps if we zoom in…
…and what have we here! Just a day in the life of four lads from Liverpool…
You will even find reproductions of places featured earlier on this site.

With all of these cool things, it’s easy to forget that the main attraction is the trains!


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