The Sacred Music Week held by the Regular Baptist churches in Maranhão back in July continues to bear fruit, as most – if not all – of our churches put into practice, in one way or another, what they learned that week.

At the Ebenezer church plant, one of the spinoffs of Music Week was the formation of a Recorder Choir.

Last night was our second presentation (the first was back in October for our annual conference). We did two numbers. First: God is So Good (in Portuguese, Deus é Tão Bom).

The second number was “Happy Birthday”, in honor of the anniversary of the Boas Novas church (the mother church of our church plant). What’s really neat is that I gave this arrangement to our budding musicians on Monday, and they played it on Saturday. Another fun aspect was the audience participation…forming an impressive rhythm section.

Look for more recorder choir presentations in the future!