The Great Commission Revisited

1. The basis for the Great Commission is Christ’s authority, not man’s compassion, the vast need, or any of the other emotional tugs we get at missionary conferences. Of course we are to have compassion on the lost, but based on Christ’s compassion–because His authority is the basis for our mission.

2. The goal of missions is disciples, not converts. It makes me sick every time a person assures me they are going to heaven because of a decision they made as a young person, while their lives show no fruits of salvation. Because we have lost our emphasis on discipleship, I fear that we are guilty of populating Hell with people who thought they were going to heaven.

3. The worldwide missions effort is powered byChrist, not by men. It is His promise to be with us until the end of the age that should encourage us. It is the knowlege that He will provide for our needs, and give us the victory, that should motivate us to attempt great things for Him.

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