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Snapshots of Missionary Life: A Pretty Random Selection of Photos

It’s been a busy two weeks, but we did manage to shoot a few interesting pictures. As always, these pictures were previously featured on our Instagram account, which you can access here.

On Sunday our five area pastors, together with the special speaker for our youth conference, came over for some fellowship at our house. It’s a privilege to work with these men.
Not just the pastors, but their families were there as well.
People aren’t the only life forms we find around our house…
Not something we see every day here in Brazil. This is a Ford Maverick from the ’70s.
Speaking of vehicles, look who’s taking his turn behind the wheel of the truck!
We love the chances we have to chat online with Michael.
Snapped this picture fro the road that leads to our house. A beautiful reminder of God’s promise.


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