The (puppet) Show Must Go On!

One of the most popular questions we get as we visit our supporting churches on furlough is “What happened to the puppet ministry?”
While our partnership with Cícero and Nice ended for geographical reasons (we each moved to different parts of Brazil), the work still continues. With the support of her husband Cícero, Nice has taken on puppet ministry full time. They recently put on a presentation at the mall in Porto Velho (capital city of the state of Rondônia). Here are some of the pictures they sent me:

‘Nando fascinates the audience
Big Bad Wolf looks at the two remaining houses
Spectators watch from the balcony
Behind the scenes
The family that puppeteers together…

Itacyara and I are thrilled at the puppet work we began in the Cariri has spread to the other end of Brazil. And of course, Lord willing, it will be expanding to Cape Verde next year!
You can see more of Cícero and Nice’s continuing work with puppets at their website.


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