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Snapshots of Missionary Life: Full Speed Ahead

We have a little catching up to do since our last Snapshots post, so here we go! As always, you can see these posts in real time by following us on Instagram.

Working on the water slide at camp. To see a video of it in action, click here.
The veranda of the dormitory is finally finished, and the dorm itself has been cristened “La Casa Madrid”. See here for the story behind the name.
Missionary life sees me waist-deep in mud one day, and giving a presentation at the local university the next. I did shower in between…
The next missionarymobile?
One of the highlights of the past months was having Rob and Becky Ingmire down to help with our teen retreat. You can read all about that here.
When Santa’s away…
Friends, Romans, Countrymen (picture taken from the balcony of one of São Luís’s many historic buildings).
“You’ll never take me alive, copper!” A new scene on my model train layout.
Went walking on the beach. Found a mermaid. Decided to keep her.
Captain Jack Sparrow has downsized (“Pérola Negra” is “Black Pearl” in Portuguese).
Itacyara and her “mini-me”.


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