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Reading List for May, 2022

Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

So far, “Lord of Chaos”, the sixth in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, is my favorite. It is more action-packed than the books I have read, and the character development takes a much more satisfying track.

Slight spoiler alert…

If you, like me, have been reading so far and have been frustrated that the Aes Sedai have not been taken down a peg or two, take heart, because in this book, they are. This makes the last few chapters a delight to read.

Phantastes by George MacDonald

I had read Phantases years ago. Recent readings in Lewis and Tolkien mentioned how they were influenced by this work, so I decided to open it up again.

Admittedly, this book took some getting-used-to. The first several chapters seemed to drag for me. I even considered doing something I rarely do – setting it aside before I was finished reading it.

I’m glad I resisted this urge, however. The end of the book came alive – particularly the last five or so chapters. In them, George MacDonald brings various threads together and in the process explores some profound truths.

I believe Lewis and Tolkien improved on the genre, but MacDonald’s contribution was significant, and for this reason alone the book is worth a read.


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