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Ministry Update: Super Mega Ultra Prayer Request

Plans for our upcoming furlough are moving right along. Packing is almost done, we were able to sell our car, and our speaking schedule is filling up. Everything is set for us to fly on Friday.

Everything, except for one small detail. On Thursday morning at around 8am EST our family will be getting tested for COVID-19. If anybody in our family tests positive, it will mean that our trip has to be postponed.

Needless to say, with tickets bought, car sold, and many, many details arranged, a postponement at this point would be a major upheaval.

I don’t usually ask for people to share posts on this website. If you like what you read and think others would benefit from it, then you are free to share. If not, no worries.

However, this is a big enough deal for us that I am asking you to share this post far and wide with anybody who you think would be willing to pray for us as we are tested on Thursday. Pray that we would test negative, and that if not we would be able to rest in the sovereignty of God.

And thank you all in advance for your prayers.


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